EnovationNation provides the safest, easiest, most affordable way for inventors, innovators, and entrepreneurs to develop and protect ideas. Publishing ideas with EnovationNation allows inventors/innovators to document the date that he or she first conceives an idea. Our platform also offers a secure collaborative workspace to help innovators perfect their ideas. And unlike other online services, EnovationNation never takes an equity stake in a user’s ideas - our users retain 100% ownership over their own creations.

EnovationNation is the most important first step you will take to protect your ideas. Join the only online community for innovators in the world.

Our Team
As founder and CEO of EnovationNation, Inc., TD Lowe leads the company’s efforts to develop solutions for individuals and companies to protect their ideas, inventions and innovations. Prior to founding EnovationNation, TD spent 10 years working in Technology, Strategy and Finance at Fortune 100 and small companies alike. During her tenure, TD held key roles as a leader in corporate innovation, finance, product marketing, contract negotiations, and technical development. TD holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Economics from the University of Alabama and was accepted into Stanford University’s Masters Certificate Program in Computer Science prior to launching EnovationNation.

EnovationNation is comprised of a team of advisors and investors with decades of experience as CEOs, corporate innovators, professors, and attorneys.

Why EnovationNation?
Historically, the US has assigned patent ownership rights to the person who proved that he/she was the first to conceive an idea. However, on March 16, 2013, the US changed to a “first to file” patent system, granting ownership to the person who is first to file or publish. This marks a significant shift in patent ownership rights.

Although the US no longer issues patents based on the “first to create” system, the new patent laws do make one notable exception in favor of creators. By publishing an idea or invention, the inventor/innovator is able to document the date that he or she first devised an idea. This publication date gives the inventor/innovator one-year exclusive rights to file a patent on the ideas expressed in the publication.

With the new “first to file” system and the legal challenges it poses to individual innovators and small businesses, quickly documenting and protecting your ideas has become more important than ever. By providing a secure avenue for people to publish their own ideas, EnovationNation aids innovators in the first steps of the intellectual protection process.

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